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Simple things can keep your customers for a lifetime

Simple things can keep your customers for a lifetime

On a recent taxi ride to the airport recently, I concluded I would always demand the same driver every time I called ABM taxis! It was simply an enjoyable ride, from a very respectful driver who was nothing but a pleasure all through the 45mins journey. It’s interesting how a basic service can transform into a long term relationship between customer and service provider!

Customer loyalty is so important in any business. This is mostly understood by large organisations who invest a lot in customer relationships. Small businesses can benefit from customer relationships too.

When customers are satisfied with your services, particularly when you go over and beyond, there could just be that chance that they remain as customers for a very long time. This translates into revenue for businesses too.

As the customer in this experience, I now have ABM Taxi’s contact details on speed dial. As the business owner / service provider, there is benefit in capturing the contact details of the customer, to get a positive review from the experience, but also, to find opportunities for future contact, and definitely future business! This is where MyCo comes in, providing you with a system to manage your customer data, and much more!

So, if you are a small business owner, consider building relationships with your customers. You may just clearly realise you have some revenue opportunities from your existing customer base.