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The power of face-to-face marketing at networking events

The power of face-to-face marketing at networking events

Our experience at the UK Black Business Show was priceless. It was clearly an opportunity to meet with like-minded business professionals, learn about what other businesses are about, and most importantly, to promote the activities of MyCo. For those who don’t actively find opportunities to attending expos and networking events, you are truly missing out on sales opportunities for your business.

Small businesses need to understand the value of networking. Simply put, if you don’t promote your business outside your immediate networks, you will not find new opportunities. This is a very important business tip for any small business that is serious in finding new customers and growing.

In the words of Christine Comaford; businesswoman, author and serial entrepreneur, “Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for“.

One of the businesses we met at the UKBBS is HSKT Productions. While our team visited their exhibition stand, Chima was excited to hear about the all-in-one solution MyCo provides to small businesses. She immediately gave us her contact details, understanding the benefits of MyCo. Interestingly, she recalled seeing an email from us prior to the event, but didn’t give it much attention. What has changed? MyCo now has a face, and it triggered her interest!

You see, when building the foundation of your business, or growing a brand from nothing, you need to earn the customer’s trust. Until you are a known brand, any trust element you can provide to your contacts, help you build credibility.  Engaging with HSKP Productions was facilitated because we were able to introduce ourselves face-to-face. This is a very important point that small businesses must note as they look to building their business brand, so they understand the value of face-to-face meetings.

So, while you continue to use the power of digital marketing in all you do, to reach more markets, there are also some real benefits in face to face marketing too. Attending the UKBBS, allowed us to make good contact with 72 interested businesses. We also made contact with a few businesses who believed we could work as partners. Surprisingly, a media company also visited our exhibition stand to interview us briefly. You never know what opportunities will be available to you if you don’t go out there to network!

Glad that our team were equipped with digital forms to capture contact details and important notes as we made connection with potential customers and partners. Our digital forms were created and accessed via MyCo All-In-One business solution. This is useful for small businesses who need a quick and efficient way to capture data during networking events.

Benefits of Face-to-Face Marketing

  1. Personality – this is one of your greatest assets. This already gives you an edge as you’ve taken a step to meet a contact face-to-face, allowing you to let them know who you are to see through your personality too. This really helps to break barriers and helps you to engage with contacts, and use that as an opportunity to get their attention, so you can promote your business.
  2. Trust – nobody wants to do business without trust. You may not be able to meet all your contacts face-to-face, but when you do, you are building trust with your contacts. Building your credibility through face to face meetings is a plus.
  3. Clarity – face to face meetings allow you to have a conversation with your contacts. This also provides you with the opportunity to provide as much information, answer questions and clarify confusions, with the aim of ensuring that your contacts are clear about what you offer as a business.
  4. Quicker decision making – you now have the opportunity to get a quicker answer, particularly if the opportunity is there, and you are speaking with a decision maker.

If you think about these 4 points carefully, you will see that the ultimate benefit is that building relationships with your potential customers is facilitated. It is this relationship that is the foundation on which you can sell your services, and up-sell when the opportunity arises.