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Your role as a sales amabassador!

Your role as a sales amabassador!

As we counted down to our exhibition at the UKBBS London, we finally had one task left; to print a set of laminated IDs for my exhibition team. Unfortunately, locating a printer online was proving more difficult than it should. I was probably looking in the wrong place!

So, rather than searching continuously for popular online design and print services, I resulted in a local search, and found a small design and print service, just within a mile from my home. Sometimes, all it takes is looking around! This is how I found Direct2Print! I rang their office and spoke to Martyn!

Martyn was very friendly to me on phone, and quickly understood my print requirements. Within a few minutes, I was at their office with my designs, ready to print!

Martyn was interested in finding out what we did as a business, and I was happy to tell him everything about MyCo! He showed a lot of interest, particularly how MyCo provides CRM features and benefits to small businesses. It was at that point it occurred I reached out for a business card in my wallet, but had none on me. I didn’t have a copy of our MyCo flyer in my car either.   Clearly, I wasn’t prepared to promote my services!

During the conversation, Martyn offered me an invite to a business network meeting. Martyn told me how members support each other, by helping to promote each others’ services. This was a great asset to acquire from my visit to the design and print shop – an invite to a networking meeting. I visited the print store as a customer but left with an invite to join a business network.

Fast-forward; the networking event was so beneficial. I had the opportunity to share my business information with 20 new contacts. It is always a win to share your business information with a new network. This is how you grow, but you need to take ownership in becoming the primary sales ambassador for your business. Get ready to share information on who you are, and what you do as a business, at anytime or place, in front of any audience. Be prepared, and live prepared!

In summary, you are a lead magnet for your business! Don’t limit your marketing and promotional activities to social media alone. Wherever you go, you are the primary ambassador for your business, and you should always use the opportunity to tell others what your business is about. If you don’t, nobody will know, and you will limit your opportunities.

In a future post, I will share the benefits of joining a business network in detail, and as usual thanks for reading our blog article.

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